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All our solid teak furniture is handmade by craftsmen from recycled teak. The teak is taken mainly from old houses and bridges that are being demolished to make way for new.

Traditional and Contemporary Styled Solid Teak Furniture
We only produce traditional and contemporary solid teak furniture at our factories in Burma.Each piece is unique and not mass produced, our furniture has a timeless elegance and will last a lifetime. We ship our furniture from Burma to Hua Hin each and every week of the year.

A Common Myth
Many companies stress the age of their teak and use this factor in justifying price. All reclaimed teak is old, when you consider the trees growing life, then its second life as part of a construction, your reclaimed teak will always be around 80 to 120 years old. We offer a solid range of teak furniture at a very fair price, guaranteed.
Rubberwood/Parawood/MDF/Particle Boards/Veneers

Indonesian and Malaysian Teak.

None of these materials are used in the manufacture of our furniture. These materials
soon lose their showroom lustre and won't stand the test of time.

The product we offer is not competing with the lower priced imitations, our furniture is suitable for heavy use and will last a lifetime. Many hotels, restaurants and bars have our furniture in daily use, we have a large portfolio available upon request.

Furniture should be used and admired, choosing a lower priced option will often leave you feeling cheated in both these aspects.

"if we wouldn't have it in our home rest assured
we wouldn't send it to yours"



We find many original benches over in Burma. Some of them contain Burmese graffiti. If you are looking for an original Burmese or Chinese bench then we can find it for you.

We also make reproductions in reclaimed teak.

SOT/Benches/001 SOT/Benches/002 SOT/Benches/003
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