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All our solid teak furniture is handmade by craftsmen from recycled teak. The teak is taken mainly from old houses and bridges that are being demolished to make way for new.

Traditional and Contemporary Styled Solid Teak Furniture
We only produce traditional and contemporary solid teak furniture at our factories in Burma.Each piece is unique and not mass produced, our furniture has a timeless elegance and will last a lifetime. We ship our furniture from Burma to Hua Hin each and every week of the year.

A Common Myth
Many companies stress the age of their teak and use this factor in justifying price. All reclaimed teak is old, when you consider the trees growing life, then its second life as part of a construction, your reclaimed teak will always be around 80 to 120 years old. We offer a solid range of teak furniture at a very fair price, guaranteed.
Rubberwood/Parawood/MDF/Particle Boards/Veneers

Indonesian and Malaysian Teak.

None of these materials are used in the manufacture of our furniture. These materials
soon lose their showroom lustre and won't stand the test of time.

The product we offer is not competing with the lower priced imitations, our furniture is suitable for heavy use and will last a lifetime. Many hotels, restaurants and bars have our furniture in daily use, we have a large portfolio available upon request.

Furniture should be used and admired, choosing a lower priced option will often leave you feeling cheated in both these aspects.

"if we wouldn't have it in our home rest assured
we wouldn't send it to yours"


Wardrobes & Walk-In Closets


Our Wardrobes are practical yet elegant in design helping to add a sense of style to any bedroom. Manufactured from Burmese reclaimed teak and available in any size, style and finish.

We use Hafele products with integrated soft closing elements, to ensure that everything closes securely and quietly.

Why purchase Rubber-wood/Para-wood, MDF/veneered wardrobes when you can have the best for a similar price.

Walk-In Closets

Walk-In closets should be configured for abuse.

What we mean by this is use up all the space, wall-to-wall and top-to-bottom.

If the WIC is the only clothes closet -- do it as the Americans use it. Configure your closet with few/no cabinets, just hanging space, open shelves and a few/couple of drawers.

The best organization in our experience is to have removable/adjustable shelving.

Shoes at the base of the closet, maybe even consider a separate shoe console to be parked near the main entrance door.

Lots of hanging space, you can never have enough. Easily accessible open shelves for folded items and bags. Seldom used items can be elegantly stored in boxes on a top shelf, lots of box sizes.

Security is another consideration, we normally install safes in our closets. The safe will be bolted to the wall/floor and concealed behind teak doors.

Problems with walk in closets, if you don't tend to open daily they can be a breeding ground for mold. We have seen/smelt some which were horrifying. The issue here is cramming all available space and not allowing for air circulation, also placing damp items into the closet causes that rather fusty smell that lingers.

We always recommend a separate storage facility for shoes, this frees-up space that can be utilized for other items. The shoe consoles have vented front and back panels to allow for air circulation, the consoles are also high enough to be used as a bench if necessary.

What do we think about a vanity/desk with mirror ? They are rarely used and take up valuable storage space, however, if your closet is huge go for it. Better to have a separate vanity with mirror and stool/chair in the master bedroom.

Closet floor ? it's got to be teak, feels great underfoot and really gives that final touch of elegance.

We install walk-in closets into the smallest condo's and the largest palatial homes. Why do clients choose Siam Old Teak ?

We use the best materials, Burmese reclaimed teak. The teak is dry and is full of natural oils, it also contains tannic acid, so is not consumed by the insect population, a big problem in Asia, we have pictures if you would like evidence. Burmese teak also contains an amount of silica so isn't effected by water/moisture.

In the Tropics this is what generally happens with walk-in closets. Because they are 'fitted' the closet can't be moved for cleaning. Asia is an extreme environment for most things and especially furniture. The high-humidity will at some stage find it's way into your closet, there could also be possibilities of water leaks through burst pipes or even through the roof, happens all the time.

Most installers of walk-in closets in Asia will use materials which are susceptible to moisture/water ingress. They will use MDF, particle boards and fillers, 'fillers' = cheap wood. Some will then apply veneers. The veneers are usually quite good, however, the adhesives are sub-standard which when dry lose their ability to hold the veneer in-place, so the veneer peels. These glues also have a high carbohydrate content, it's the same glue used in the manufacture of particle boards, the glue itself is a delicacy to the insects, especially the bamboo-beetle.

So your closet gets wet and the material swells, the insects then invade and begin to consume from the inside-out. An interesting insect is the bamboo-beetle, also know as the dust-beetle/death-watch-beetle (google is your friend)

If you find little piles of dust inside your closet you have the bamboo-beetle in your home. Their natural habitat is being destroyed to make way for new buildings, they have to eat somewhere !

The piles of dust contains the eggs of the beetle. As you disturb this dust it will travel around your home and so the infestation worsens.

Spraying chemicals will kill the beetle, however, the eggs sit in a wax sack that is not effected by the chemical spray. The only effective method is to cut out the infested area and replace.

Thankfully with our furniture, floors and closets you will be free from insect attack.

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