Selecting a statement piece of furniture deserves careful consideration and finding good design that will stand the test of time is quite a challenge. The bespoke option is most certainly worthy of the initial investment and custom made furniture will withstand the rigours of daily use whilst becoming more beautiful with age.
Bespoke furniture need not be limited to the main living areas and the bathroom is one room that can be truly transformed by designer influences. We specialise in designing and making teak bathroom furniture. "Investing in quality design gives the opportunity to create something totally unique and of course eye-catching. Hand crafted furniture can enhance your property' s architecture and our contemporary designs work well in both traditional and modern properties"
Siam Old Teak are known for our inspiring work in wet environments such as kitchens and bathrooms and we are respected for our problem solving capabilities. Ya explains "Teak has its own natural beauty and antibacterial qualities and is perfectly suited to bathrooms, all of our designs have a timeless aesthetic and are made to last" Old Teak is wholly suitable for use in wet areas as it is the most stable and durable timber in the world. Old Teak offers an excellent alternative to manmade materials and can be combined with most modern and high-tech bathroom products.
While one-off, bespoke commissions form the majority of our portfolio, our range of old teak waterproof products for the bathroom and kitchen have proved immensely successful and are perhaps most indicative of our own personal design style. The quest was to achieve products with the same functionality as ceramics - easy to clean, long lasting - but with the natural good looks of old teak.
The use of old teak within wet environments is highly practical and is known for its durability and works well in environments with variable humidity conditions.
Our bathroom furniture is extremely popular and features in some of the most luxurious spas and boutique hotels worldwide. Using old teak within wet environments can create a harmonious and relaxing feel, teak also looks great alongside other natural materials such as stone, marble and glass, making it a practical choice for use within bathrooms.
If you are looking to redesign your bathroom or are still at the initial design stage please contact Siam Old Teak for an informal meeting either at their show house or onsite at your property. Specifying the very best furniture design will undoubtedly prove a worthwhile investment and one that pays back dividends in terms of both style and quality.
Our bathroom furniture is built to last and we give a lifetime no-quibble guarantee on all pieces. All installation work, plumbing and electrics is carried out by Siam Old Teak experienced staff.