Burmese Teak is synonymous with luxury and timeless beauty, and it holds a well-earned place as the gold standard of wood furniture and flooring. Its rich coloring and lasting shine lend an air of refinement to any room.

One of the greatest benefits of teak flooring is that it keeps its attractive appearance while being relatively unfussy in terms of care requirements.

Resistance to Wear

With its warm brown color and straight grain pattern, teak looks good in every room and is especially well suited to traditional decor styles. Even better, it retains this beauty for years even under heavy use.

Resistance to Water and Insects

Thanks to its hardness and high content of oil and resins, teak naturally absorbs little moisture. When properly treated with sealer, it's highly unlikely to take in enough water or humidity to cause damage. Even without sealer, teak will simply weather to a silvery grey. This is one reason teak is so often used in high-end furniture and as decking on boats. In your home, teak is an excellent choice for bathroom or kitchen floors. While an overflowing bathtub might ruin many wood floors, teak will come through just fine. Teak's hardness and natural oils also make it unappealing to many insects and fungi. You won't have to worry about termites eating your floors or mold causing blotches and rot.

Siam Old Teak Excellence in Teak Floors

We've installed hundreds of floors over the past sixteen years, below are a few recent projects. The teak planks are all tongue and groove jointed and available in pretty much any size.