With a focus on authenticity and quality, we produce unique pieces that are as true to form as they are to function, reflecting a refined sense of luxury and character that only improves with time.

Interior Design

This service is about providing homes with the sense of casual sophistication that's become synonymous with Siam Old Teak. We offer everything from space planning to sourcing, colour schemes and window treatments, and have the advantage of limitless possibilities in bespoke furniture design. Whether you are looking for help with a whole house or just a pair of curtains, call, e-mail or drop by and speak to one of our interior designers.
Our interior designers will work with our clients to remodel and/or decorate a single room or a complete home. We work inside and outdoors to make these living spaces functional and attractive. Unlike a decorator, we place a strong emphasis on making sure the space is used effectively.
We will consider factors like the available working area and budget. Over the years we have evolved as interior designers and now specialize in residential and corporate. We are very strong in Asian contemporary interior design and have a large portfolio available upon request.

Preliminary Work Obligations

When we are called for an assignment, we will first meet with our client to get an understanding of the goals for the project and the client's needs and wants.
The space that requires design or decoration is examined to consider how it is currently being used and how it needs to be changed; this may involve observing how people move though the room area, and determining ways to make the space easier to use.
At this stage we will draw up preliminary plans for the rooms redesign, including any remodeling work that will be required. Information on what materials are likely to be needed and any budget considerations may be included.
We produce a 'Discussion Document' which will be continually updated as the project progresses. This document will be emailed to our client as and when amendments occur.
In some cases, interior designers may be paid an initial consultation fee for putting together a plan.
Siam Old Teak do not charge any consultation fees.

Primary Work

Once we receive our clients official order we begin to create a final plan of the new design, including specifics about changing lighting, water, power, and any other factors. If the room needs to be remodeled, we will instruct our in-house team to carryout the work.
A budget must be created and finalized, and a timeline for when the work will be completed is also created. The original designer usually has the final responsibility for the project, be it large or small, and often must approve of all the changes and make sure it meets the clients expectations.
Interior design requires a good understanding of how spaces can be used effectively and safely, as well as how the look and feel of a space can effect the people who use it. Our designers have a strong sense of colour and shape, and how they can be used together to make a space attractive.
We are often called on to choose wall and floor coverings, furniture, lighting fixtures, and artwork, among other room features, and decide where they should be in the room. Sometimes we may compose a blueprint of an interior space by hand or by computer to show any changes to the area and where any new or existing objects should be placed.
Our clients often have specific ideas about the look they want; this could involve choosing fabrics or objects that work for a particular decorating style or colour scheme.
Sometimes a room doesn't need major remodeling, our designer may recommend smaller changes to the building structure, such as adding built-in shelving or installing larger windows. All of these changes are typically made with how the room will be used in mind, whether it's a living room in a home or a hotel lobby.

Siam Old Teak Classic Interior Design


In a world that has become increasingly fastpaced and filled with daily stresses and the pressures of time, the home has emerged as a place of sanctuary and calm where the luxury of privacy is treasured. When designing with peace and quiet in mind, it is essential to create spaces that are sympathetic to the surrounding architecture, creating a natural rhythm.
Whether you are considering instructing a designer for a single room or a complete home please contact Siam Old Teak for an initial informal meeting.

A few closing thoughts’

Decorating a home can be an intimidating proposition, and if you don't know the lingo, it can be downright confusing.
Like any profession there are certain watch words within the interior design world that aren't necessarily easily identifiable to outsiders.
We have randomly selected a handful of buzz words in an effort to demystify the experience.

Design Philosophy.

A home cannot be truly beautiful unless it functions in harmony with who we really are. A room can feel like walking into fresh air (even) when you have been inside all day. Your senses can feel comforted and refreshed with good interior design.
Try to achieve an interior design which is comfortably elegant, a home which functions as an un cluttered living space.

Selective Indulgence.


"selective indulgence" is that "must have " item for the room. It can be the piece that has seasonal flare or it can be something special or unique that accessories your whole project. For example, the room can be complete with a new sofa that came with pillows, but that fantastic accent pillow with the right contrasting texture, colour or pattern is just the right finishing touch.



It means remaining true to yourself, and not being concerned with the opinions of others. Whether it be an orange crystal chandelier or your grandmothers favorite chair, surround yourself with what brings you happiness.
When dealing with my clients, it's essential to be authentic, real and most importantly honest. Truthfulness builds rapport and trust, the two most important aspects of a design job.



How the environment feels, that is the experience. It is the first impact and each nuance after that. When walking into a space what do you notice first and each thing after that. The experience can bring someone comfort and also enlighten them to the artful environment around them.



Organic means natural. In design, the term natural can go into a multitude of facets. Natural can start with the furniture manufacturer and its craftsmanship, layout of a room, the paint selection or even just a certain look to a room the client is desiring. There needs to be special attention to the use of the word organic because organic in the truest sense involves all of the elements that make up the final product.



Often people confuse energy with bright colours and bold statements when really it's any feeling an entire space emits. Design energy is a feeling you get from the space. Given the right energy it creates a comfortable, relaxed feeling. Designers can use this energy and achieve the feel of the room desired. This same energy should literally be transferred to the client. Please email any Buzz words that need an honest translation.


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