Traditional Teak Furniture.
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Here at Siam Old Teak we are committed to being a responsible furniture manufacturer. We have always been inspired by the Far East and focus on creating beautiful, high quality furniture from natural and recycled materials.

All our exclusive pieces are hand made in Burma by our own artisans. We now have five small factories in the Myawaddy region with its exotic tropical surroundings; it is a great place to visit and to work in. All work is carried out using perfected traditional methods with modern management processes.

The increase in popularity of Burmese made furniture has meant an improvement in lifestyle for many local people. The staff at our factories are looked after really well and receive above average pay rates. We also run an apprentice scheme which is managed by some of our semi-retired craftsmen/artisans. We have worked hard to create a sense of community for all our staff and their families.

The teak used for all our furniture is sourced in Burma. We work with our local management and purchase old buildings that are being cleared to make way for new, the structure of these buildings is teak, old teak. From time-to-time we are able to purchase old teak bridges which are dismantled and shipped to our factories.

Rapid expansion in Burma has seen substantial building work across the country and the old-style wooden/teak buildings are being replaced with more sanitary and modern brick and tile housing. As a result, there is a large supply of seasoned teak which is very durable and has a beautiful patina. Although the old teak is dry we still kiln dry for four weeks prior to manufacture, we take the moisture content down to around 10% before we allow the teak to 'rest' The resting period allows the teak to reabsorb moisture from the atmosphere, we manufacture at a moisture content of 12% The moisture level is measured using electronic instruments.

We don't 'scar' the earth to make our furniture.