Childrens Furniture

Teak furniture for children is a natural fit. Teak is rugged, long-lasting, beautiful and suitable for outdoor use. We don' t use any chemicals to treat our furniture just a natural beeswax and we can make any piece to fit.
Our clients pay particular attention when they purchase furniture specifically for their children' s use. We feel it' s important to explain the difference between our product and what' s also available on the mass market. Our children' s furniture is made from 100% solid reclaimed teak. Once the piece is made we apply a water based colour which is then sealed with a natural shellac, to make cleaning easier we usually apply a couple of coats of beeswax, although this isn' t essential.
On the subject of colouring, your children' s furniture can be left unfinished without any colour, or we can apply a whitewash finish as seen on the child' s toy box pictures. Either way the furniture will look fabulous and not start to show it' s age in a few months.
Most children' s furniture today is mass produced in China and then dumped onto the Indian market. Usually made from rubber wood or pine wood. The most common type is made from particle board which is by far the cheapest manufacturing process, however, we see particle board children' s furniture on sale in many high-end stores. All our pieces are tested for strength, non toxic and child safe.
We can make anything for your child' s bedroom or playroom. Teak beds are growing increasingly popular because of their beauty and durability. We can build beds with storage drawers and shelves. We also build stylish desk and chair sets, nightstands and dressers made from exquisite reclaimed teak.
If you are looking to ' theme' your child' s bedroom with a casual or seaside decorating scheme a Adirondack chair with cute side table always looks special.
Another great reason to use teak children' s furniture is because it' s so easy to keep clean, just a damp cloth, give the teak a quick swish and it' s dirt and dust free.
We have included a few pieces below.