Traditional Teak Furniture.
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Get exactly what you want for your home

Siam Old Teak's bespoke furniture design service can give you the exact size and design of furniture that you need, often for around the same price of our standard furniture ranges. Many of our customers are already drawn to Siam Old Teak for the originality of design and quality of materials - our bespoke furniture design service allows you to take what we already do, one stage further. But if you think that going for a bespoke furniture option will be significantly more expensive, think again. We construct our furniture using our own skilled artisans and many items from our standard ranges are individually made pieces. We regularly design and create custom furniture for our commercial clients, for use in restaurants, hotels and bars. And we are in demand from interior designers and architects to create custom pieces for their clients. So we already have the capability and the processes in place to create bespoke furniture for our customers - which means we can price our bespoke furniture at a very similar level to that of our existing ranges. Customers of our bespoke furniture design service are usually looking for one of three things:

Practical Solution

Sometimes a piece of bespoke furniture is the only practical solution to a furnishing problem. For instance, if you need a book case or a wardrobe to fit exactly into an alcove, or a standard size table or bed that is slightly higher or lower than normal, the bespoke option may be the only way forward. Alternatively you may need the internal configuration of an item to be altered to fit your needs. Want a wardrobe with more shelves and less hanging space ? Like one of our console tables but want different shelves or drawers underneath ? We can work with you to create exactly what you need.

Matching Decor

Love one of our dining tables but wish it was closer in shade to your wooden floor or media console ? Do you like a particular type of wood for its colour or grain and would like your new furniture to match ? Or perhaps you need the feet on your new item to match the feet of your existing furniture ? Our bespoke furniture service can give you the precise colours and style details to perfectly match your colour scheme.

Unique Design

Often the appeal of bespoke furniture is knowing that there is only one like it. And sometimes our customers are looking for statement pieces that will impress visitors or simply express their own personality. Bespoke furniture allows you to be your own designer and have your ideas implemented by expert artisans.