Entrance & Interior Doors

Your entrance door is the ' calling card' to your home. It should say what you do and who you are and give a welcome to your visitors.
We build bespoke, unique and robust doors at our factories in Burma.

Timelessness of Teak

For centuries, natural wood has been used to create a perfect combination of beauty and durability. Each piece of teak is truly unique and naturally becomes the best choice for a sophisticated and individual look. Old teak has its own distinct personality and feel. As to pure aesthetics, one will not find another material matching the charm of old teak.
Various artificial composite materials are out there trying to mimic it, but none have been able to capture the warm texture and beautiful depth of the real thing.
Old teak is also a practical choice. It is known for superb insulation qualities, and use in climates with variable humidity conditions.
Our door studio in Burma adds the benefit of modern management to the ancient traditions of Burmese craftsmanship to bring you the best in design, quality and value.

Custom Design

We appreciate and welcome your door ideas. If you can' t find any inspiration on this page, we encourage providing us with a sketch or other form of design concept, we will be happy to discuss and quote your own unique doors.

Discussion Document

With each project we produce a detailed ' Discussion Document' This document contains all details relating to the production of each commission. (please see below)